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Perform diverse workouts with our multi-station home gym that is equipped with exercising elements like pulleys, weights, chin-ups to target every muscle group to develop the chest, back, shoulders, biceps, abs, and legs. By attaching the Lat bar, curl bar, abdominal bar, triceps rope, weight stack upgrade, leg press attachment to our cable or 2 stackers multi-gym machine. The best multi-gym equipment that helps in obtaining effective and efficient workouts of bench press, bicep curl, cable crunch, deadlift, glute kick, lunge, reverse fly, squat, and triceps pushdown. Constructed with heavy-duty materials, tubular steel frame, pivot points, weight stack shroud, weight stack and orthopaedic seats make these multi-purpose gym machines, versatile and unique equipment for all!

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The Inspire Fitness Multi Gym M1 is a very versatile cable gym and It contains six pull points & requires the user to balance the weight stacks whilst performing the exercise. Building coordination as stabilizer muscles are required to provide balance. Having complete freedom of movement using the cable resistance allows for greater range of motion
The Inspire Fitness Multi Gym M1 is designed to offer maximum function in a minimum footprint. The M2 represents all of the capability of a multi weight stack gym in a compact, single stack, forward design. Its unique press arm offers both fixed pressing exercises as well as free motion movements.
The Inspire Fitness Multi Gym M3 is the home gym that the critics call “The Bomb”. The Inspire multi gym M3 has it all and will help you obtain a body you never thought possible.
Inspire Fitness Multi Gym M5 is the Ultimate 2 Stacker Gym are looking for the best multi station gym for your home or for your light commercial facility.
The Inspire Fitness Body Lift BL1 Home Gym is a leverage home gym which offers a weight resistance between 10% and 150% of your bodyweight. It has 5 main workout stations features a very sturdy construction and can support users of all sizes. Its chest press has 10 adjustment positions while the seat and backrest are also adjustable. It’s a fitness machine that doesn’t take too much usage space and its operation is extremely quiet. It offers the possibility to perform more than 30 exercises.
This Leg Press Attachment works with our Inspire M2, M3 & M5 Multi Gyms. It ties into the weight stack system, giving you the ability to execute leg press & calf raise exercises on your home gym.
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