Multi-Grip Olympic Bar  by Sole Fitness
Multi-Grip Olympic Bar

Multi-Grip Olympic Bar

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Multi-Grip Olympic Bar

This Olympic multi-function swiss bar allows a neutral hand position on presses, curls, and extensions, rather than the traditional Olympic bar, which tends to deliver more stress to the shoulders. The variety of grip angles allows you to target different muscles from different angles and so balances out your muscle groups.

The swiss bar can be used when niggling injuries slow the progress of your heavy bench press, shoulder press or rows. The range of angled grips can be just the thing to take stress of the injury and allowing you to recover while continuing your work out sessions


  • Fully welded design.
  • Loadable up to 250kg

Brand  ModelLivepro  LP8057
Material Profile Steel
Weight Tested250kg
Grip Diameter3.0 cm
KnurlMedium knurling with good grip
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