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Martial Arts Eva Foam Tatami Mats-40mm
Martial Arts Eva Foam Tatami Mats-40mm

Martial Arts Eva Foam Tatami Mats - 40mm (Black & Grey)

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This EVA foam tatami 40mm mats are ideal for a number of activities including taekwondo, karate, kung-fu and gymnastics. Interlocking 40mm EVA jigsaw gym mats are easy to lay on any floor, area are lightweight, easy to carry and durable.
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Martial Arts Eva Foam Tatami Mats - 40mm (4cm) Black & Grey

The 40mm thick LiveUp martial arts EVA foam tatami mats are specifically designed for professional martial arts and TKD studios. This taekwondo mat features a durable that top surface pattern that is very resistant to shoes and athletic footwear. The interlocking mat design allows for dry lay installation and does not require any adhesives. A great portable martial arts and taekwondo flooring system, the taekwondo mat will last for years of use and enjoyment.

It can be used for both home and professional gyms of high quality to ensure long lasting durability, the interlock mats are manufactured using the "jigsaw puzzle" structure. It features a cushioned non-slip design to ensure stability and total comfort.

Measuring 1m by 1m, its thickness of 40mm offers unbelievable traction and bounce.

How It Works?

The interlock mats are manufactured using the "jigsaw puzzle" structure and can be easily assembled. They are a good option for placing heavy items to protect the floor from damage. It can also be used in kids play areas where the quality Eva foam can help cushion the kids if they fall.

Material & Pattern

Non-toxic EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate).
T-Strips surface.
Durable EVA high density foam.


Double-sided color.
Reversible black & grey.


Technical Features

Density-35% allows compression.
Lightweight, portable and waterproof.

Edge & Texture

Each mat with four edges clear texture better anti-slip.
Jigsaw edges ensure secure interlocking of each mats of 4 edges.


Brand & ModelLiveUp & LS3262-40mm-BG
MaterialNon-toxi EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) Foam
Dimensions1m (L) * 1m (W)
Thickness40mm (4cm)
ColourReversible Black & Grey
Surface PatternT-Strips
BordersRemovable Edging Strips
Warranty6 Months

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