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Low Parallettes
Low Parallettes

Low Parallettes

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The low parallettes can support any weight and won’t shift under pressure-no matter how hard you train.
SKU Code: LP8160
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These low parallettes or the push up bars are great for gymnastics training, dips, push-ups, headstands and advanced levering movements.  The parallettes are designed with reinforced welds that provide stability for users of any weight and the heavy duty steel is finished with textured black powder coat finish to ensure maximum durability.

The ergonomic handle protects your wrists and offers you a perfect grip during training as you are able to perform exercises such us pushups in a neutral position.  With a length of 60cm and a height of 35cm, the low parallettes have sufficient clearance to achieve a fuller range of motion. The ultra-stable T-bar risers provide ample room for your feet and legs to pass through so you can focus on form and get full extensions for better workouts every time.

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