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LIVEPRO Wooden Jerk Block Set
Wooden Jerk Block Set 1

LIVEPRO Wooden Jerk Block Set

The Live Pro Wooden Jerk Block Set are utilized in weight training as a way for athletes to focus on improving their jerk without having to clean the weight to rack position on each rep.

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Wooden Jerk Block Set

The blocks can also be used for increased deadlifts, step-ups or box jumps. The 4 different heights of the blocks allow to store the training weight in 8 different heights. Made of 20 mm structural plywood they can withstand heavy loads. Each level has its own set of roller blocks at each end, so dropping the barbell safely is not an issue.


  • Structural plywood
  • 4 Different heights

Material Wood
Base Dimensions91.5(L) x 51(W) cm (36.0” x 20.0”)
Block Heights38cm (15”)/30cm (11.8”)/15cm (5.91”)/6cm (2.36”)
Maximum weight500kg (1102lbs)
Weight160kg (352.7lbs)
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