Cerakote Training Barbell - Men  by Sole Fitness
Cerakote Training Barbell - Men

Cerakote Training Barbell - Men

A barbell is the most basic and fundamental piece of training equipment you might own and investing in the right one can be crucial for your fitness goals.

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Livepro Cerakote Training Barbell - Men

Livepro fitness ensures that you get most out of your investment with their very own cerakote training barbell. Whether you are just getting started in the world of weights or you are a professional lifter, this training barbell is extremely versatile and can be used for just about any application.

Key Features

Cerakote Finish

This top-of-the-line barbell is sealed with cerakote coating used by major firearm manufacturers. This cerakote finish adds to the durability while resisting corrosion and adding to the feel and performance of the bars. In short it makes your bar maintenance free forever.

Great For All Workouts

This bar is extremely versatile and can be used for just about any application. Basically, this bar is meant for everything from recreational lifting to Olympic weightlifting and competitions, and is ideal for crossfit, power lighting, jerks, squats, and more.


This innovative training barbell can withstand the toll of day-to-day heavy training owing to its precision-ground alloy steel and cerakote finish.

Adds Color And Matches With The Theme

The cerakote training barbell comes in a number of enticing colors and allows a level of customization where barbell colors can be matched with the logo and can even be color coded for various facilities.

Size And Dimensions

With its size ranging from 220cm (86.6”) Length / 2.8cm (11.0”) Grip / 131cm (51.5”) Center Length / 5cm (1.96”) Outer Diameter and its weight being 20Kg (44Lbs), this state-of-the-art barbell can withstand a weight Limit of 317Kg (700Lbs) and can give competitor bars a run for their money.

Brand  ModelLivepro  LP8085
Length220cm (86.6”)
Grip2.8cm (11.0”)
Center Length131cm (51.5”)
Outer Diameter5cm (1.96”)
Weight20Kg (44Lbs)
Weight Limit317Kg (700Lbs)
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