Liveup Core Bag
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Liveup Core Bag

The Live up Core Bag is a great functional tool for a full-body workout.

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Live Up Core Bag

With the sandbag you can work your entire core – everything from your shoulders to your knees. the awkwardness of the weight ensures that your core must work extra hard to stabilize. These movements work the big muscles of your body in different planes of motion, thus burning calories for effective muscle building.

The unique handle design allows you to perform an array of dynamic movements and gives you the option of choosing to use a pronated or neutral grip depending on the exercise.

The shifting nature of the weight within the power bag allows the bag to vary in weight while keeping the same dimensions for maximum challenge on the body's stabilizing muscles, improving coordination and balance.


  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-purpose
  • Durable


Sizes3Kg (6.6Lbs)
5Kg (11Lbs)
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