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Bulgarian Bag

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Live Pro Bulgarian Bag

Identical in size and shape to the original leather Bulgarian Bags, the Live Pro Bulgarian Bags are made of the highest quality heavy-duty Synthetic leather. The durable Synthetic leather is built to last and easy to clean and maintain.

The shape of the Pro Bulgarian Bag allows for both upper and lower body training while emphasizing grip strength. The three types of handles with the strong nylon strap allow athletes to execute different workouts with varying grips. The even distribution of weight ensures the results of your training are proportional.

The shifting nature of the weight within the Bulgarian bag allows the bag to vary in weight while keeping the same dimensions for maximum challenge on the body's stabilizing muscles, improving coordination and balance. These bags have weight mark clearly printed for easily identifying size and weight.


  • Commercial Quality
  • 5 Different Weights: 5, 8, 12, 17 & 22kg
  • Bags of the different weights are of the same dimensions
  • High Grade & Heavy-Duty Synthetic Leather


Sizes5Kg (11Lbs)
8Kg (17.6Lbs)
12Kg (26.5Lbs)
17Kg (37.5Lbs)
22Kg (48.5Lbs)
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