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Inspire Tricep Rope
Inspire Tricep Rope

Inspire Tricep Rope

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The Tricep Rope attaches to any cable pulley, allowing you to execute a variety of single or dual arm exercises.
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The tricep rope is an excellent attachment for isolating triceps and abdominal muscles and for a greater range of motion. it features over-sized rubber blocks and super-thick, high-carbon steel swivel for strength, durability and comfort.

The tricep rope can attach to any cable machine that has a high pulley. The 2.54cm synthetic rope is flexible and allows for a natural motion as you pull the cable downward to sculpt your triceps. the rubber ends prevent your hands from slipping off the end of the rope as you push yourself to your next level of fitness.

Do the heaviest press downs, curls, crunches, kickbacks and deltoid raises. You’ll hit muscles you’ve never worked before


Pull Over
Wide Grip Front Lat Pullup
Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown
Seated Row
Ab Crunch
Oblique Bend
Biceps Curl (standing)
Tricep Press Down
Tricep Extension
Tricep Kickback

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