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INSPIRE FITNESS Multi Gym M1 – Super Versatile Cable Gym
Inspire Multi Gym M1

INSPIRE FITNESS Multi Gym M1 – Super Versatile Cable Gym

The Inspire Multi Gym M1 is a very versatile cable gym and It contains six pull points & requires the user to balance the weight stacks whilst performing the exercise. Building coordination as stabilizer muscles are required to provide balance. Having complete freedom of movement using the cable resistance allows for greater range of motion

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Inspire Multi Gym M1 - Super Versatile Cable Gym

Do multiple exercises at home with just a single piece of fitness equipment. The M1 Multi Gym from Inspire Fitness is the ultimate cable gym that allows you to train with a more functional form of exercise as the freedom of cable resistance allows for greater range of motion.

Key Features

  • Six pull points offer 50% resistance for functional training capabilities
  • Telescoping seat allows for seated and lying chest exercises
  • Frame: Heavy - Duty Oval & Round Steel
  • The electrostatic powder coat for durable, maintenance free finish
  • The weight stack shroud is made up of heavy-duty canvas
  • 75Kg (165lbs) commercial weight stack with solid guide rods and center drilled weights (1:2 ratio for 82.5 per pulley)
  • Included accessories: 4 X Rubber D Handles, 2 X Multi - Ring D Handles, Ankle Strap
  • Set Up Dimension: 193 (L) X 99 (W) X 213 (H) cm
  • Product Weight: 185Kg (410Lbs)


The Inspire Fitness Multi Gym M1 cable machine offers six pull points or three main workout stations. These are: 1. high-pulley station, 2. Mid pulley station & 3. Low pulley station.

High Pulley Station

As opposed to other fitness machines, the high pulley station is equipped with two pull point and two swivel pulleys. It allows you to perform a wide array of lat exercises, using both grips simultaneously or alternating exercises for each arm. Of course, there’s the option of attaching a lat bar to these pulleys, but the bar is not included

Mid Pulley Station

Many home gyms offer only one pulley for the mid pulley station and in this case, the workout station allows you to perform only an AB crunches and a variety of single-grip arm exercises. The Inspire Fitness Multi Gym M1 offers two lateral mid-pulleys, this workout station covering a wide array of exercises, from pec fly presses and front chest presses to seat mid rows.

Low Pulley Station

The low pulley station is also different from other home gyms. It offers two side pulleys, just as the mid pulley station, giving you the possibility to perform exercises such as lateral biceps curls,front deltoid pulls, bench presses and even cable dead lifts.


Bench Press

1. Attach the handles to the lower pulley on the flat bench.

2. Grip the handles with your palms fixing forward.

3. Extend your arms forward and backward.

4. Slowly return to the starting position.

Bicep Curl

1. Sit on the seat with your basic supported.

2. Grip the lower pulley strap with one hand, palm facing up.

3. Slowly curl your arm to chest height keep your arm tight against your body.

4. Slowly return to position.

Cable Crunch

1. Grip the upper pulley hand as with your palms facing backwards.

2. Sit facing away from the machine and bend your elbows tight.

3. Curl body forward approximately half way towards your knees.

4. Slowly return to position.

Dead Lift

1. Grip the lower pulley hands and stand on the flat bench facing the machine.

2. Bend forward with straight back.

3. Pull the hand to as you lift up your torso, keeping your back straight.

4.Slowly return to position.

Glute Kick

1. Attach the padded cuff to lower pulley.

2. Keep your hips stationary and your leg straight.

3. Slowly kick front backwards as far as possible. Slowly return to position.


1. Stand facing the machine and grip the lower pulley shows.

2. Place one foot on the machine’s support footrest and the other foot approximately 1 stride-length behind.

3. Bring your body forward and downwards as you bend your knees.

4. Slowly return to position.

Reverse Fly

1. Stand facing the machines and grip the upper pulley.

2. Extend your arms slightly upwards in front of you with hands facing each other.

3. Keeping your arms extended, slowly pull outwards and backwards. Slowly return to position.


1. Stand facing the machine, with your legs straddling the bench.

2. Grip the lower your body to be a seating position until you is already touching the seat.

3. Hold your position momentary. Slowly return to position.

Triceps Pushdown

1. Stand facing the machine. Grip the upper pulley benches with both hands in an overhand position.

2. Curl your arms at the elbow.

3. Push the handles downwards until your arms are fully extended. Slowly return to position.

Aluminum Lat Bar

1. Three eye holes allow for both single and double high pulley gyms.

Brand & ModelInspire M1 Cable Gym
FrameHeavy - Duty Oval & Round Steel
ColorMatte Black
FinishElectrostatic Powder Coat
Cables2000Lb Tensile Strength
UpholsteryContoured Orthopedic Pads
Weight Stack75Kg (165Lbs)
Accessories4 X Rubber D Handles, 2 X Multi - Ring D Handles, Ankle Strap

Set Up Dimensions193 (L) X 99 (W) X 213 (H) cm
Product Weight185Kg (410Lbs)

Main Frame10 Years
Moving Parts2 Years
Cables2 Years
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