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inspire cardio strider cs4 recumbent exercise bike
inspire cardio strider cs4 recumbent exercise bike

Inspire Cardio Strider CS4 Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Price: $5,299
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CS4 cardio strider – featuring a swivel seat with motorized seat height adjustments the unique linear path of the CS4 pedals greatly reduce knee stress while still engaging the user’s leg muscles and glutes.
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Low Impact Cardio

Adjustable Seat

Choose a path

Customizable Console


Swivel seat – rotates 90* left and right, offering easy access

Motorized seat height adjustment – directly on screen, for ease of use with 4 memory buttons

Silent poly v belt drive system – provides whisper quiet operation

Friction free electro -magnetic resistance – means no wearing parts

Friction locking handles – for added adjustability

Contact heart rate – sensors built into the handles

Polar t31 heart rate strap – included

Handles flip – to switch between chest/back and biceps/triceps workout

Resistance – starts at an ultra-easy 10 watts

Stride length – ranging from 30.48cm to 38 cm based on foot position

Simple back and forth reciprocating leg movement – drives through the hips to reduce knee stress

Computer console bright blue backlight – lcd display is easy to read in low or bright light

Computer has 12 preset programs – (6 auto resistance, 3 focus, and 3 heart specific programs)

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