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inspire air bike cb1 upright exercise bike
inspire air bike cb1 upright exercise bike

Inspire Air Bike CB1 Upright Exercise Bike

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Price: $999
Retail Price:$1,499
You Save:$500(33%)
Get a full body workout that builds muscle & improves cardiovascular endurance, with the Air Bike. The fan resistance increases difficulty as you pedal faster, while also keeping you cool.
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The impact free air bike by Inspire Fitness is a dynamic and versatile cardiovascular machine created for full body exercise. It is designed by a dedicated team of fitness engineer with feedback from enthusiastic gym owners, (personal) trainers and physiotherapists. The Inspire CB1 is currently one of the best Air Bikes available on the market. The Air Bike CB1’s Dual Action Design is a fantastic option for people who want an exercise bike and are looking for a full-body workout option. The pedals and moving arms provide a full body workout or simply place your feet on the pegs and engage only your upper body muscles. The Air Bike comes with Belt Driven Fan Resistance, which increases resistance the faster the fan spins. The special attention to ergonomics, quality and effectiveness make the Inspire Air Bike one of the highest grade home bikes on the market.



The inspire CB1 air bike features a smooth, air-based resistance braking system along with a pair of sturdy exercise arms. The advantage of this unique air resistance system is that it offers as much resistance as you can handle. The harder you pedal, the greater the resistance. Using a multilevel resistance that increases with speed, the Air Bike offers a completely impact-free cardiovascular workout.

The dual-action design synchronizes your arm and leg movements to simulate your natural motion, helping you work your upper and lower body for a whole body cardiovascular training exercise. It also allows for isolation of the arms for a focused workout of the upper body. By utilizing the Air Bike in only the upper body setting, it enables you to firm up areas of the upper body whilst increasing fitness and help lose body fat through cardiovascular training.

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