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I-Walk DT520 Office Treadmill Shock Absorber
I-Walk DT520 Office Treadmill Shock Absorber

I-Walk DT520 Office Treadmill

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I walk DT520 office treadmill machine is designed with a tabletop Which has a large surface area of 120cm x 80 cm
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DYACO I-Walk Office Treadmill When Work Meets Workout

Sitting at your desk while pondering how to complete an assignment for hours on end? Studies show that it is an unhealthy practice and that even short form of exercises in between will go a long way to improving your health. But how much time do we have before the assignment is due?

The I-Walk is a 2-in-1 treadmill that allows you to work and walk at the same time, in the comfort of your own office. A large desk provides all the the space you need to do your work comfortably while the 2.5HP DC motor powered treadmill lets you have a reasonable workout.

Now you can complete your assignments on time while keeping healthy!



Compression Shock Absorbers

The 6 compression shock absorbers ease the impact on your knee while running, providing a more comfortable and safer workout



I-Walk Easy Assist Folding Design

With safety and quality in mind, sole has developed an easy to assist folding design. At the flip of a switch the deck will unfold itself slowly without need for assistance, as well as fold back securely and easily into upright position.



Large Working Desk

The pneumatic working desk has a large working platform and measures 120 x 80cm. It is sufficiently sturdy and provides ample space for your working accessories such as laptop and LCD screen panels.

When not in use, simply loosen the knob and you can lift your desk to save some space. The treadmill can also be easily detached from the desk and voila, you can use it as a normal work desk.

Users can adjust the desk height fairly easily during workouts by using a single pneumatic cylinder under the desk. The height of the desk is also adjustable, between 95 – 120cm


4.5? Multi-Display LCD

The display console is simple but efficient. Its small size does not take up much space which allows more space for you on the desk. However, it still provides the basic necessities required for you to tweak your workout. The 3-speed button (run, jog, and walk) allows you to instantly choose the intensity of workout while the program button allows you to choose between the 6 programs (5 pre-set, 1 manual). The slow/fast buttons let you have specific control of the speed between 0.8km/h – 6km/h while also acting as navigation keys.

The 11.43 cm backlit display console indicates time, speed, distance and calories burnt. The console is adjustable and hence can be placed anywhere on the desk, to your liking.



Start Today

The I-walk will make you healthier first and foremost simply by reducing the number of hours you spend sitting at your desk. The negative effects of sitting at your desk are much more than weight gain. Using the desk treadmill offers your real aerobic exercise. Start using the office treadmill and create an enriching working environment.

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