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A multi-exercise workout bench that provides great support while lifting heavyweights. Depending on the needs, there are various gym benches that work slightly different muscles. To satisfy and meet every exercisers requirement we have different types of adjustable weight bench “SCS-WB Bench, FID Bench, Multi-function Commercial Workout Bench, Multi-angle Workout Bench, Folding Bench, Leg Extension/Curl Attachment, Abdominal Bench, Hyperextension Bench, Olympic Flat Bench, Preacher Curl Attachment, Commercial Flat Bench and Accessory Rack”. These weight lifting benches feature a strong gauge-steel, different laying positions of flat, incline & decline, orthopedic seats, various seating positions, and folding options offers to improve core stability & flexibility, posture and strengthen the lower back & upper body muscles, boost cardiovascular health. A multi-exercise adjustable bench press offers a wide range of workout combinations to provide a full-body workout for users. 

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Ranging from decline to incline, Inspire SCS WB bench offers 5 total positions for any exercise. It's a stand-alone star with preacher curl & leg extension attachments too. Oversized pads provide stability and support with every move.
The Inspire Fitness FID (Flat, Incline, Decline) adjustable weight and dumbbell bench is a commercial duty bench that can be used at multiple angles ensuring the correct body position on each exercise.
The Inspire Fitness FLB2 Folding Bench is a heavy-duty, commercial design constructed with 11 Gauge Steel. Wheels mounted to the base allow you to roll the bench into position. The Inspire Folding Bench can be used at multiple angles to ensure proper positions on each exercise.
Sole Fitness multi-angle workout bench is a perfect commercial and residential equipment to do various physical exercises. The different workout angles and postures help in obtaining increased muscular strength and power to the body.
Livepro multi-function workout bench offers two various exercising positions from flat to incline. This combinational feature helps in building a strong chest and shoulders. Our shoulder and chest workout bench let the user obtain a great upper body.
The Inspire Fitness Hyper Extension bench stands out as a great pick for home gym or light commercial use, and with versatile leg adjustment and different angled positions (90-degree position is excellent for roman Chair Sit-ups), excellent bench for abdominal and core exercising.
The Inspire Fitness AB crunch bench helps you tone and tighten your core muscles and it provides a comfortable and smooth way of getting in shape by strengthening core muscles and getting those ripped abs. The weight horns make it possible to add more resistance to crunching motion.
The Olympic Flat Bench is the perfect solution for any home gym or commercial fitness facility.
The Inspire Preacher Curl attachment is designed to work with the Inspire Fitness FID & SCS adjustable weight/dumbbell benches only. It adds another workout option by slipping into the front frame post. It is height adjustable and comes with a convenient bar rest. Features contoured orthopaedic pads for maximum comfort.
The Inspire Leg Extension/Leg Curl attachment is designed to work with the Inspire FID and SCS benches. This Inspire leg attachment allows you to plate load the peg with free weights and perform a seated leg extension or a prone leg curl. Quality upholstery padding provides comfort.
This Accessory Rack is designed to keep you organized. It’s perfectly designed to hold all of your inspire bench accessories -Preacher curl attachment, Leg Ext/Curl Attachment. Does not include the Leg Ext/Curl or Preacher Attachments.
The commercial flat bench support nearly every movement of your body makes, keep you strong with a flat bench that is supportive, comfortable, and built to last.
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