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Renting the Gym Equipment

  • Are you an individual being locked under the roof?
  • Not having or can’t afford to establish a home gym?
  • Too busy and don’t have time to go to the gym?
  • But still, don’t want to break your regular fitness routine?

Then don’t worry! Sole Fitness Singapore is here to provide you with your favorite equipment for rental. We understand that buying gym equipment is not always the first option as it can be too expensive. Thus, we have introduced this ultimately cost-effective and flexible option in offering both light and commercial equipment for rental. Use it whenever you are free and you have all the liberty to rent it for any long days based on your needs.

Still You Want

Custom Rental?



There are no additional or hidden costs. You have to pay just the total rental amount.


The delivery will take up to a maximum of 5-days


Definitely, it’s a Yes. You just need to send your exact location or address, that’s it!


Our highly trained technicians just make extensive installation of the equipment and deliver the package to your doorstep. Once they get the products, customers can start working out right away.


Yes of course you can. Suppose if you rent equipment for 1-week initially and then you want to extend it for another 1-week or more days, then you have all the liberty to do so.


Of course, you can. Whether it is 1 or 2 or 3 products, it's purely based on your requirement and you can rent various products at a time.


Yes. You are the sole responsibility for the hired equipment and hence penalty charges will be collected in case of any damage.


Of course! You should intimate us before 3-days of the rental end date.

How does it work?

Sole Fitness Singapore is offering a rental service for specific fitness equipment at the best price.

Choose a product that you want to hire and reach us via WhatsApp – (+65) 9148 5569 for booking and other enquiry.

Once your rental is confirmed, our expert delivery team will hand over the pre-installed equipment to your zone.

Never Mind the Obstacles and Ever Compromise Your Fitness!


Our Executives are Delighted to Serve you the Best!


Every Customer is Like a Family! Their Patronage is Our Success!

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