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Livepro Men°s Elite Weightlifting Bar
elite weightlifting bar

Livepro Men°s Elite Weightlifting Bar

The LivePro Men’s Elite Weightlifting Bar is the premium Olympic training bar specifically designed for fast and dynamic lifting. The bar is built with heavy duty stell and high quality commercial grade brass bushings and is suitable for home and light commercial use.

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Livepro Men’s Elite Weightlifting Bar

The LivePro Elite Weightlifting Bar is an attractively priced full-size Olympic bar that is ideal for using as a bench press bar, squat bar or as an all-round general-purpose bar. It is 220cm in length with 28mm diameter shaft and medium diamond knurling.

While the Elite Weightlifting Bar provides a moderate amount of whip for Olympic lifters, it is an ideal all-round weight training bar for Cross Functional Fitness workouts. The bar shaft is made from precision carbon steel and has a consistent 140K PSI tensile strength. The 4 needle precision bearings ensure smooth rotation in each sleeve and a more reliable turnover at maximum loads.


  • Material: High carbon steel.
  • Medium knurling with good grip.
  • Weight distributed over 4 needle bearings and 2 bushings.
  • Tensile strength measured at 140,000 PSI.
  • Capable of supporting up to 300 kg.


Brand & ModelLivepro & LP8052
MaterialHigh carbon steel
Length220 cm
Weight20 Kg
Weight Tested300 Kg
Loadable Sleeve Length41 cm
Grip Diameter2.8 cm
KnurlIWF 1.2mm
Tensile Strength140k PSI
Sleeve RotationNeedle bearing x 4, Bushing x 2
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