Donut Exercise Ball - Flexible Gym Ball for Balance Training  by Sole Fitness
Donut Exercise Ball - Flexible Gym Ball for Balance Training

Donut Exercise Ball - Flexible Gym Ball for Balance Training

The versatile fitness ball is safe and effective for Workout, Exercise, Stability Training, Core Training, Yoga, Pilates, and most especially for Balance Training.

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The flat-sided donut yoga ball offers ultimate stability thus making it perfect for stretching, sitting, kneeling, and exercising. Constructed with a non-latex, eco-friendly, and durable PVC material, it supports up to a maximum weight capacity of 136kg. The unique flat design provides an anti-slip surface for doing multiple exercises and stops it from rolling. An effective and more interesting exercise tool that freshens the daily fitness routine and adds extra benefits by engaging different muscle groups.

Key Features:

The best inflatable yoga ball that offers all the benefits of a traditional ball while its flat side provides extreme stability. The air can be filled using an inflation pump and it is not included in this package. It is lightweight and can be easily portable to anywhere by its ideal deflating and inflating design.

The explosion-proof design prevents rapid rupture and this exercise ball does not burst eleven if it’s pierced by a sharp object and instead the air leaks slowly. The non-slip, flat-sided scrub surface increases the friction of the ball and provides a highly stable surface for doing various training movements.

The donut ball exercises are the best fitness accessory for injury recovery and rehabilitation function. The ball can train the chest, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, muscles and thus improves the balance of the body, body posture, strength, flexibility, and prevention of sports injury.

All ages of kids, men, and women can make use of our exercise ball. This can be used for Pilates, yoga, abs, back training, gymnastics, bodybuilding exercise, core training, balance training, and physical therapy. The professional inflatable mouth of the exercise gym ball prevents leaks.

Using this versatile yoga exercise ball, users can obtain different exercises like squats, plank, crunches, half-lay, half-kneeling, and more. The doughnut hole contour provides secure grasping points for holding between hands or legs for static or dynamic movements.

Note: Available Colours: Pink, Blue


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