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Core Plate Complete Set
Core Plate Complete Set

Core Plate Complete Set

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Price: $179
Retail Price:$199
You Save:$20(10%)
The Live Pro Core Plate Complete includes the Core Plate, the T-Bar Row Handle and the Single Handle.
SKU Code: LP8188-CS
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The live pro core plate complete includes the core plate, the t-bar row handle and the single handle. by purchasing the complete set, you enjoy a 10% discount.

The core plate is the ideal complement to the olympic barbell.  It is sometimes referred as t-bar row or landmine and is a ground-based rotational training system working your entire body. The core plate enables explosive arm movements and other rotational exercises simply by inserting any olympic-size bar into the 30cm pivoting sleeve at the units base.
It has a rubber anti slip base on base plate and extra heavy base plate for stability.  With a heavy base, the plate is stable enough for the most challenging of users and includes a fixing point for training ropes. The live pro core plate features multi-directional swivels, which allows rotational exercises presses. it is ideal for sport training facilities and functional strength training exercises such as: Russian twists, one arm dead lifts, one arm rows, wood choppers, and power thrusts.

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