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The core exercises engage and train the muscles in the hip, abdomen, pelvis and lower back that develop a strong core and six-pack abs. A strong core grants better balance, cardio performance, flexibility and helps in doing basic tasks like lifting heavy objects. To acquire better balance, stability and structured upper body physique, just grab our remarkable core exercises tools like “AB Mats, AB Pad, Hanging AB Sling and Wall-mounted Chin-up Bar”. The AB mat provides a safe and comfortable position for your abs and back allowing you to isolate the abs and get a full core workout. The high-density attached foam pad is a saviour for the tailbone, knees & lower back that provides full comfort while performing different exercises. The AB slings focus on the back, abs and glute muscles and the chin-up bar assists in a wall-mounted set-up for performing various exercises to concentrate on your shoulder, back, arms, chest, biceps, triceps, Lat& abdominal muscles. Excited to buy? Then here are the products for you to obtain a strong and structured upper body!

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An extremely durable and sturdy pull-up bar that is engineered with heavy gauge steel and padded grips for firm support. Best for pull-ups, burpee, pull-ups, chin-ups etc.
The LIVEPRO AB Mat supports the correct and back relieving design for effective abdominal lifts on the floor.
The AB Mat Pad is an essential abdominal training piece of equipment with an extended pad for additional stability as well as comfort for your lower back and tailbone. The contoured shape of the AB-Mat is designed to fit the lower back for optimal comfort and lumbar support.
Pair of hanging AB Straps assists in effective abdominal development. It provides more core resistance, flexibility and used to perform crunches, leg lifts and leg twists.
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