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Single strength equipment helps get a total-body workout and creates unlimited angles of motion in strengthening the arms, back, shoulders, abs, chest, midsection, legs to build massive muscularity by targeting the quadriceps, biceps, triceps, armpits, postures and spinal stability. The versatile collection of “Biceps & Triceps Dual Station, Commercial Leg Extension, Chest/Shoulder Machine, Lat & Row Machine, Leg/Calf Press Machine” let the exerciser obtain different strength training workouts. Ergonomically designed gym stations with weight stacks, swivel pull points, multiple adjustments, resistance cable, multi-functional pulleys, strong frame and orthopaedic seats offers a user-friendly and easy-accessible multi-gym station.

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The dual station bicep/triceps is designed for effective arm training, by using a total of 4 rotatable pulleys that can be loaded independently of each other, you get the most out of your workout. The CAM adjustment with 7 lateral positions makes the seat suitable for almost all users. The compact design with stylish round frame parts radiates durability and elegance, all without compromising on robustness and quality. The black finish allows the dual station to fit in any gym.
Inspire Commercial Leg Extension/Curl with isolated leg holsters, adjustable seat, & dual weight stacks.
The Inspire Chest and shoulder dual action machine which is designed to offer multiple pulling angles without adjustments. Suits all sizes of users and creates unlimited angles of motion with 4 pulleys and dual weight stacks.
The Lat Pulldown and Mid Row Machines are a piece of gym equipment made to isolate one’s back and shoulders, allowing for an exercise experience that focuses on building muscles in those areas.
The inspire multi line leg press and calf block is designed to provide a comfortable position for the Leg press and utilizing the same position for the calf block for calf raises.
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