Sole ST90 Slat Belt Treadmill

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sole fitness st90 treadmill

Sole ST90 Slat Belt Treadmill

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sole fitness st90 treadmill
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Product Description

Sole ST90 Treadmill


The conveyer belt style design of the walking deck is the most promoting feature of this Sole ST90 slat belt treadmill. It improves the quality of the deck by providing a shock-free running surface to the users. Definitely, this deck type, make this treadmill an exemplary option for fitness lovers to experience the ultimately safe and comfortable treadmill running/walking. The 25.6cm touch screen display is another smart feature that makes the user enjoy the more exciting and remarkable workout routines. Users can easily access this ergonomic console display which can be used for Program Monitoring and App integration.


ST90 Treadmill Singapore

4CHP AC Motor

Sole Fitness ST90

25.6cm Touchscreen Display

Sole Fitness ST90 Folding Treadmill Black

0 - 20km/hr Speed

Sole Fitness ST90 Folding Treadmill

15 Incline Levels

Sole Fitness ST90 Folding Treadmill

10 Standard Programs

Sole Fitness ST90 Folding Treadmill

152 (L) x 50 (W) cm Running Deck

Sole Fitness ST90 Folding Treadmill

150kg Maximum User Weight

Sole Fitness ST90 Folding Treadmill

Integrated Tablet Holder


Sole ST90 Touchscreen Display
Sole ST90 Slat Belt Deck Design
Sole ST90 USB Charging Port
Sole ST90 Bluetooth Audio Speakers
ST90 Slatbelt Treadmill


The most remarkable and innovative design of this Sole slat belt treadmill is its slat belt design. This revolutionary technology just increases the safety and comfort of the usage of the treadmill. The conveyor belt style of dimension 51 (L) X 152.4 (W) cm design provides a smooth-running surface and low-impact cardio workout by reducing the wear and friction effects.

Sole Fitness ST90 Treadmill Singapore


Our ST90 slat belt treadmill has a high-torque and most efficient 4CHP AC motor. By using a more powerful current this AC motor provides continuous duty performance and also reduces power line disturbances. The exercisers who want to run continuously for a long time, then this treadmill must be a perfect choice.

ST90 Slatbelt Treadmill Singapore


The exemplary console of ST90 slat belt treadmill Singapore is built with a 25.6cm touch screen with a centralized and improved user interface. The display looks bright and has high visibility, easy access, and control of the multiple training programs. This highly responsive interface just makes the fitness routine more exciting and interesting.

Sole Fitness ST90


The incline feature allows the user to work for different muscle groups as well as simulate outdoor running and this feature is invaluable to individuals who are training for marathons or uneven terrain. Our Sole ST90 treadmill has 0 - 15 levels of inclines tone the muscle much faster improving quads, hamstrings and glutes. The left side-rail has quick incline buttons, where users can easily increase or decrease the levels simply by pressing the buttons.

Sole Fitness ST90 Treadmill


Our ST90 slat belt treadmill has quick speed buttons located at the right-side rail. These easy-accessible buttons thus allow the user to change the speed levels by simply pressing them and fastens the performance. Simply press the increase or decrease button to fasten or reduce the speed.

Sole ST90 Slat Belt Treadmill


The ST90 treadmill Singapore has multi-grip handles in order to monitor the heart rate. The in-built sensor in the pulse handle grips with a metallic silver finish just tracks the pulse rate and sends the information to the interface. There are various workout programs which include 10 Preset, 12 Custom, and 7 Military Programs.

Sole Fitness Slatbelt Treadmill


The ST90 treadmill Singapore has Bluetooth Audio Speakers that enable you to listen to music from your smart devices through the speakers on the console Even a USB Port is inbuilt for you to charge your smart devices while working out. The audio-in jack lets the user hear their favorite music.

Sole Slatbelt Treadmill


An integrated tablet holder of this Sole ST90 treadmill gives you the freedom to use your smart devices to watch shows or follow your workout routines. Users can place their iPad/Tablet into the tablet holder that is located over the top of the console. The two multipurpose accessory trays let the users keep their water bottles, watch, mobile, keys, and more.


Brand Model

Sole ST90

Frame Style


Drive Motor

4CHP AC Motor

Console Display

25.6cm Touch Screen Display

Speed Range

0 - 20km/hr


0 - 15 Levels


10 Pre-set, 12 User & 7 Military Programs

Running Surface

152 (L) X 50 (W) cm




Drive Motor

3 Years

Running Belt & Deck

2 Years

All Other Parts

2 Years


2 Years

Lifetime Warranty



Sole fitness Singapore uses a high-torque and the most effective horsepower of 4CHP AC motor in the st90 treadmill. With a more powerful current, this compact treadmill stays your workout routines away from powerline disturbance and also ensures the continuous performance of multiple users. Thus, our sole treadmill is going to be the best choice with 0 - 20km/hr Speed and 15 Incline Levels along with powerful motor construction.


Yes, absolutely this is suitable for your home gym with its slat belt-style deck design that improves the functionality of the running surface by avoiding vibration while running or jogging. With this innovative technology, our slat belt treadmill makes sure your safety and comfort.


Singapore sole fitness hides more benefits in each and every running machine to satisfy their customers. Likely, we use slat belt technology in the machine to offer incredible perks and those are:

  • Smooth surface to run fast
  • Provides low-impact cardio workouts results
  • Improves safety and comfort
  • Ensures shock-free running surface
  • Reduces the wear and roughness effect

Our auto treadmill is designed with 25.6cm Touchscreen Display to give a user-friendly interface. A simple touch on the display allows controlling your multiple workout programs and monitor your results on each routine with ease of access and high visibility features. Thus, with our walking assistance, your daily fitness session is definitely an exciting and interesting one for you.


Yes, you can increase or decrease your speed and as well incline levels as per your wish while working on our featured treadmill by using the buttons on the side of the display console. You can look for the quick access incline button on the left side of the handrails, which permits you to change your comfortable incline position by simply pressing on it. Likewise, you can also find an easy-access speed control button on the right side of the handrails that helps to fix the right speed for you.


There are so many functional facilities available on the inclined treadmill, let’s check one by one

  • USB charging port to charge your tablet or smartphone
  • Bluetooth audio speakers to enjoy your favorite songs
  • Audio-in jack for you to listen your music without disturbing others
  • Tablet holders to use tablets or smartphones freely

Yes, of course our portable treadmill helps you to stay hydrated and energized all time and you no need of get off for drinks, because it includes holders for water bottle nearby the tablet holder on the display console.




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