Strength Equipment

Sole Fitness Strength Equipment training is an essential component to any fitness program, and the benefits of incorporating an element of strength training are both numerous and well documented. Studies today show that even a mild amount of regular exercise with resistance can stimulate muscular development, increase bone density, lose excess body fat, tone and tighten your physique and greatly reduce stress for greater mental and physical health and well-being. Simply put, regular strength training will make you look and feel much better.

Home & Multi Gym

  • Inspire Body Lift BL1
    Inspire Body Lift BL1

    The Inspire BL1 Body Lift home gym is the first of its kind to utilize your bodyweight as the resistance and giving you access to a range of functional strength and muscle building exercises.

    $ 2199.00
  • Inspire Cable Gym M1
    Inspire Cable Gym M1

    The Inspire M1 is the ultimate cable Gym of unlimited Exercise.

    $ 2599.00
  • Inspire Multi Gym M2
    Inspire Multi Gym M2

    The Inspire Fitness M2 Home Gym is the culmination of many years of research and design and represents what other Home Gym manufacturers strive to create. The Inspire Fitness M2 Home Gym is a very compact, space saving design with some of the most unique features in the fitness industry today.

    $ 3499.00
  • Inspire Multi Gym M3
    Inspire Multi Gym M3

    The Inspire Fitness M3 Home Gym is the home gym that the critics call "The Bomb". The Inspire M3 Home Gym has it all and will help you obtain a body you never thought possible.

    $ 4999.00

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