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Sole Fitness Singapore Cardio Equipment machines are a fantastic way to help you lose weight and achieve peak cardio vascular health, Cardio Equipment in Singapore is one of the most fundamental components of gym exercises. That supports your ability to boost your Cardio vascular health, it takes research and thought before you can determine the right equipment. While you should always start with a one-on-one appointment with a trainer who can show you how to use your new equipment correctly, certain machines are widely suitable for all fit fanatics. Start with these five types of Sole Fitness Cardio Equipment and you just can’t go wrong.



  • XTERRA TR180
    XTERRA TR180

    XTERRA TR180 Treadmill combines quality and performance with the enhanced feature of power incline. XTERRA TR180 is an advanced version of the treadmill Xterra TR150.

    $ 899.00
  • XTERRA TR150
    XTERRA TR150

    XTERRA TR150 Folding Treadmill is budget friendly, entry level, home treadmill. It has everything a good home treadmill should have for basic walking/jogging/running workout and if its physical and technical limitations fit your needs, consider XTERRA TR150 Folding Treadmill.

    $ 699.00
  • XTERRA TRX2500
    XTERRA TRX2500

    The new XTERRA TRX2500 is an economy-priced treadmill for home use. Designed especially for strolling and power walking, it has a 55" track and provides electronic incline to enhance your results.

    $ 1399.00
  • SOLE F63
    SOLE F63

    The SOLE F63 treadmill is simply best value for money in the market. Weighing 115kg, no treadmill comes close to its performance at this price. Acclaimed as "Simply the Best" by online consumer sources and magazines.

    $ 2099.00


  • SOLE Commercial TT8
    SOLE Commercial TT8

    The TT8 is increasingly becoming the ideal option for the commercial clients. With a 4.0 CHP Torque Motor and an additional decline feature of -6%, the Sole TT8 offers all the features of a top end treadmill at a fraction of its price.

    $ 3999.00
  • SOLE Commercial TT8(AC)
    SOLE Commercial TT8(AC)

    SOLE Commercial TT8(AC)

    $ 4399.00
  • Elder Treadmill
    Elder Treadmill

    A simple walking assist treadmill with unique design and upgraded functions. Firmly secured protection for the elderly exercise. ( Rotatable console, 2 levels handrail height, super low starting speed). Specifically designed for senior citizens.

    $ 2799.00
  • i-Walk DT520
    i-Walk DT520

    [Walking & Working] I walk office treadmill machine is designed with a tabletop, Which has a large surface area of 120cm x 80 cm. You can focus on work while doing exercise. Perfect treadmill for office and home.

    $ 2599.00


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