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Being a best seller of fitness equipment, we always believe quality is the main concern for every customer. Thus our Sole Fitness Cardiovascular Equipment is built with durable, reliable, long-lasting and superior quality materials. Everyone can achieve an effective aerobic workout with our cardio equipment like, “Treadmill, Elliptical Cross Trainer, Exercise Bike, Rowing Machine, and Climber”. Ranging from the high-density motor, safety belt-driven system, efficient monitoring, alternating programs levels, effective interface, and user-mobile app, this equipment is the right choice for every fitness freaks for ultimate physical training!

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The Xterra Fitness TR150 treadmill combines the quality and performance you desire with the flexibility of a machine that can be easily folded up and stored away. Specifically designed for the home environment, the TR150 incorporates numerous thoughtful features that were developed with your performance and comfort in mind.
Xterra Fitness TR180 treadmill combines quality and performance with the enhanced feature of power incline. Xterra Fitness TR180 is an advanced version of the treadmill Xterra Fitness TR150.
Built with intuitive details that are designed to offer the ultimate workout experience, the Xterra Fitness I-power Plus standard folding treadmill features 10 incline levels, an easy to use console, an Adjustable Tablet Holder and a top speed of 16Km/Hr.
Whether your goal is losing weight or training for your next big adventure, the Xterra Fitness TRX2500 treadmill brings all of the tools you need home.
TRX5500 Running Treadmill is known for its ultimate durability, advanced smart features, technological advancements, compatibility and most importantly the interactive display console of a 10.1” touchscreen panel.
SOLE FITNESS introduces its most affordable treadmill ever. The SOLE F60 treadmill is one of the newer editions to the SOLE line-up. SOLE has always prided itself on the quality and value of our machines & features a powerful 2.25CHP (5.5CHP peak) motor, large running deck.
SOLE has earned the reputation of building quality treadmills using the best components and the F63 holds true to this even at a lower price.
There are treadmills, then there’s the SOLE F80. This treadmill is the standard for home workout equipment. Long-lasting with a powerful motor, and a cushioned deck your knees will love.
SOLE’s F85 is designed to handle the hardest workouts. SOLE's highest rated foldable machine with unmatched durability combined with some of the most innovative high-tech features.
Sole F85-2021 Model is the top-rated folding treadmill that is an upgraded version of the 2020 Model. The 2021 model has integrated a Smart Touch Panel Display console with its supreme structure.
For serious runners, only serious treadmills will do, and that’s why SOLE’s TT8 is the treadmill of choice. This machine provides more options than conventional home treadmills for half the price of a commercial model.
The SOLE TT8 (AC) is one of the top rated increasingly gaining popularity in the local commercial market with its reliable unique features.
The I-walk DT520 office treadmill machine is specially designed for office use as per its name. It is uniquely drafted with a tabletop for simultaneous use with the treadmill allowing those in the office to keep fit as well complete their tasks without missing a step.
DYACO features includes Rotatable console, 2 levels handrail height, super low starting speed. Specifically designed for senior citizens.
STEX S21T treadmill is the smooth running machine and it have simple and stylish design which enhance the enjoyment of the workout.
The Protective Mat is essential to protect your floors and equipment. It will help keep carpet fibers out of your treadmill or elliptical which will help prevent vibration to prolong the life of your SOLE product.
Prolong the life expectancy of your treadmill by using this silicon lube on your running deck.
Wireless heart rate chest strap is the ideal accompaniment to your SOLE FITNESS purchase. Accurately measuring your heart rate while you train can not only offer various benefits, but can also broaden your workout.
The FS150 Elliptical delivers a quiet and effective workout with a minimal footprint. Treat yourself to the smooth total-body workout you deserve with the Xterra Fitness FS150 Elliptical. The FS150 features a reliable belt-driven system that remains maintenance free and synchronizes your body movements.
The Xterra Fitness EU150 Hybrid Elliptical Upright Bike combines a full body elliptical workout with the seated comfort of an upright bike. It offers a smooth, non-impact, total-body workout in a compact design. Simply stand on the pedals to experience the elliptical trainer with a 33cm (13”) stride length, 5Kg (11Lbs) flywheel, belt drive system, and friction-free magnetic resistance. By sitting, you can change the intensity of your workout and target alternate muscle groups.
Begin the adventure to better health and wellness with the Xterra Fitness FS3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer. This is the most feature packed budget Elliptical, it comes with a heavy 10Kg (22Lbs) flywheel, 40.6cm (16") stride, 20 resistance levels, big LCD display, and quite good built quality. Built-in heart rate receiver and heart rate grips help keep you in the right zone for your fitness goals.
The Xterra Fitness FS4.0E elliptical trainer gives you peace of mind with solid steel construction and quality components to assure it will be ready to work when you need it and xterra FS4.0E allows anyone from a beginning exerciser to an elite athlete achieves his or her fitness goals. It provides superior outdoorsy training experience right in your apartment with its stylish design and compact footprint.
We are sure that you will appreciate the correct ergonomics and biomechanics, as well as the ease of use of the Xterra Fitness FSX3500, which will motivate you to adhere to regular training. High quality components, a comfortable step, an easily recognizable design with a bright blue accent make this model a market leader among the simulators of its class.
The SOLE E25 elliptical trainer was designed to help you focus on your workout, and is loaded with the features you need to meet your fitness goals. Maximize the time and effort you put into keeping fit with a total body workout that is easy on your joints.
The best ellipticals are developed with the user’s comfort in mind, and that’s no different with the SOLE E35. This elliptical challenges users with a multitude of different settings while keeping them comfortable always.
The E95 is one of SOLE’s top rated, gym-quality elliptical designed for the home. It provides unmatched comfort and function while staying affordable. It is one of the most sophisticated elliptical models with many users rating it within the very best of front-driver elliptical trainers available in the market. The myriad of different combinations of stride length and angle make the E95 an efficient tool for weight management and cardio training.
The SOLE E95S Elliptical Machine allows you to customize your workout based on your desired speed, time, distance and resistance levels. Its near-silent drive system provides both forward and reverse elliptical action. Runners are always searching for the perfect stride, and with SOLE’s E95S, the search is over. This elliptical offers stride length customization with all the comfort and durability of our best elliptical.
The SOLE E98 Commercial Elliptical was built for the commercial environment, with articulating foot pedals and heavy-duty 14.5Kg (32Lbs) flywheel. Ergonomically positioned, the foot pedals have a 50cm stride length, while the precision balanced flywheel system provides a smooth feel during your workout. A commercial grade, 25cm LCD screen is crisp and clear, constantly displaying essential training data like heart rate, calories burned, time, distance travelled, and more.
The intent of the SC200 is to provide a workout that focuses on the lower body, without applying too much stress on the hip and knee joints. The ergonomically designed stepper comes equipped with rubber-grip handlebars and corrosion resistant aluminium rails, which add to the durability and sustainability of the SC200. Also, the built-in levers ensure stability and safety on a myriad of surfaces.
Looking for a low impact, total-body workout machine that doesn’t take up too much space? Queue, the Vertical Climber. A Vertical Climber will engage your core and major muscle groups to deliver a full-body workout.
Comfort and convenience are at the core of Xterra Fitness UB120 Upright Bike. The solid yet compact frame design allows for easy accessibility. Features like multi-grip padded handles, an adjustable padded seat, and oversized adjustable pedals ensure a secure and comfortable ride.
Introducing an exercise bike Xterra Fitness UB150–a safe tool for burning calories and finding the best sport form with comfort the simulator has an ergonomic seat that provides the necessary comfort. Smooth running along the entire path of the pedal is provided by a balanced flywheel.
The Xterra Fitness SB150 Recumbent Bike provides a smooth lower-body workout in a walk-thru solid frame design with advanced console features. The small footprint maximizes your use of space while providing a workout that is low-impact and effective. With a smooth belt drive system, friction-free magnetic resistance, and easy adjust seat slide, the SB150 Recumbent Bike delivers a quiet and effective workout.
SOLE’s LCR is the perfect recumbent bike for people looking to stay in shape without the risk of pain. The LCR is top rated because it provides incredible value and is the most functional recumbent bike on the market. Whether you run a physical therapy office or a simple fitness studio, this bike is the perfect addition.
Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or prepare for the bicycling adventure of a lifetime, bring home the training power you need with the Xterra Fitness MBX2500 indoor exercise bike.
The SOLE LCB has 40 levels of resistance and a 14Kg (31Lbs) flywheel, making a nice, smooth transition between resistance levels. Oversized cushioned foot pedals coupled with a 2-degree inward slope will provide for an extremely comfortable workout.
SOLE has paired affordability with quality – you can’t get a bike this comfortable, durable, and responsive for double the price! With integrated wireless technology and the quietest, smoothest ride in its class, the SB700 is the perfect intersection of value and performance. Paired with the newest Zwift app, if you do not have the time to go to the gym or train outdoors, this training bike will make sure you are conditioned for your next race while you have fun doing so!
The SOLE SB900 elevates the workout experience for both the indoor and outdoor cyclist. SOLE combined the needs of both types of users to design a comfortable, affordable cycle providing the ultimate exercise experience in their own home or in a light commercial setting.
Get a full body workout that builds muscle & improves cardiovascular endurance, with the Air Bike. The fan resistance increases difficulty as you pedal faster, while also keeping you cool.
For comfort and ease of use, the S25UX series of bikes features an ergonomically designed seat with gas assisted adjustment which will keep your exercisers working-out at your fitness facility. Designed with a new and simple seat adjustment, the powerful performance will give you a totally new experience.
Cardio strider CS3.1 – The king of low impact training the unique linear path of the CS3.1 pedals greatly reduce knee sheer while still engaging all of the user’s leg muscles and glutes.
A great thing to see with the bike is that they include a heart rate strap that works with the console that is something that most spin bikes don’t offer. You like this a lot about this bike.
CS4 cardio strider – featuring a swivel seat with motorized seat height adjustments the unique linear path of the CS4 pedals greatly reduce knee stress while still engaging the user’s leg muscles and glutes.
A cardio-heavy yet low impact total-body workout can be achieved by using the Sole SR500 Rowing Machine. Highly reliable, durable and quiet rower.
The full body rhythmic nature of rowing makes it wonderfully efficient at burning calories while also developing flexibility and strength. Plus, the “Zen-like” water movement you hear from the ERG600W multi-bladed impeller can be soothing and meditative. Machine Bring the unparalleled full body workout of on-the-water rowing home with the premium design and feel of the Xterra Fitness ERG600W Water Rower.
The Xterra Fitness ERG650W Rower is built to help you get the most out of your training. Rowing is known to be one of the most effective full-body workouts around, and we set out to make it fun and accessible for everyone.
Built with adjustable, bi-directional resistance & a unique motion for a total body workout. If torching calories in a short amount of time sounds good to you, then the CR 2.5 Rower machine by INSPRIRE FITNESS is the machine for you
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