Weight Plates

Whether you are a beginner or a competition weightlifter, we have the full range of weight plates to fulfill your workout needs. Now you can add even more challenge and variety to your training program with our wide range of weight plates:

Tri-Grip Olympic Weight Plates
Urethane Tri Grip Training Plates
Black Rubber Bumper Plates
Colored Urethane Competition Bumper Plates
Standard Weight Plates

What you are going to choose depends on your level or training and budget. Olympic Weight Plates are more popular with the lifters as they are stable and offer more versatility in the number or exercise than the Standard Weight Plates.

Urethane Plates are more expensive than Rubber Plates as the Urethane Plates are more durable and less susceptible to markings and cosmetic damage. Bumper Plates have been increasing in popularity of Olympic lifting and CrossFit Training. Bumper Plates are solid rubber weight disc which can be used for performing Olympic lifts and be dropped from a height during exercises like snatches and presses.