A good residential treadmill should have a motor of at least 2.5CHP for sustained uninterrupted usage and for a longer life span. Sole Treadmills offer one of the best motors, generous running surface and are the most durable and sturdy in the market.

Sole F63 and Sold F85 are the most popular models in the residential category. They are simply the best in the market based on their specs.

The F63 is simply the best value for money with its 3.0CHP motor, a running surface of 153cm(length) and 51(width) and weighing almost 115kg. It is the only treadmill in the market with almost commercial specifications at the $2000 budget.

The F85 is our premium residential treadmill from the Sole brand with the highest motor, longest and widest running surface in the residential market. It has been voted best buy by many consumer groups for its unbeatable features and unbelievable price.