Cable Attachments - Handles

Cable Attachments are designed for use with a variety of disc loading and selector pulley and cable-based weight machines and even Smith Machine and other similar equipment. One of the most popular equipment is the high and low pulley machine such as Cable Crossover, Lat and Low Row machines.

Workout buffs and athletes can use the Cable Attachments to work practically any muscle part. The Cable Attachments are simply designed to attach by means of simple carbine clip and provide users with unique angles to target various muscles.

Cable Attachments like Tricep Ropes, Bars, Ankle Cuffs, Nylon Straps and D-handle Grips can be effectively used for selector strength equipment. We offer a wide range of Cable Attachments including Cable Handles, Bars, Static and Revolving Attachments. For the relatively modest cost of Cable Attachments, you can easily extend the range of different exercises and the range of your targeted muscle groups.