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The Sole E95S elliptical machine has the unique feature of having a stride length adjustment from 46 to 61cm and also the worm drive function for pedal adjustment.
Sole Fitness F80 folding treadmill is the highly remarkable cardio equipment that has a 3.5CHP motor and an easy-accessible console display.
Sole F85 2020 treadmill is the top-rated machine with a folding deck design, powerful 4CHP motor and large running surface.
The F63 strong, 3CHP torque motor delivers challenging speeds up to 20km/hr and inclines up to 15 levels.
A commercial non-folding treadmill that has a 4CHP industrial motor with a maximum speed of 22km/hr
A commercial non-folding treadmill that has a 4CHP industrial AC motor with a maximum speed of 22km/hr.
The intent of the SC200 stepper machine is to provide a workout that focuses on the lower body, without applying too much stress on the hip and knee joints. The ergonomically designed stepper comes equipped with rubber-grip handlebars and corrosion-resistant Aluminium rails, which add to the durability and sustainability of the SC200. Also, the built-in levers ensure stability and safety on a myriad of surfaces.
Sole E98 Commercial Cross Trainer is engineered with industrial quality materials that will offer repetitive usage for both home gym and commercial purposes.
Sole Fitness E95 cross trainer provides two ways to monitor your heart rate at any time. You can either use the conveniently located pulse grips or use the wireless chest strap.
The Sole E35 elliptical cross trainer is the most supreme machine that has oversized foot pedals, an intuitive LCD display, 20 power inclines, and USB ports for charging the smart devices.
The Protective Mat is essential to protect your floors and equipment. It will help keep carpet fibers out of your treadmill or elliptical which will help prevent vibration to prolong the life of your SOLE product.
Prolong the life expectancy of your treadmill by using this silicon lube on your running deck.
Wireless heart rate chest strap is the ideal accompaniment to your SOLE FITNESS purchase. Accurately measuring your heart rate while you train can not only offer various benefits, but can also broaden your workout.
SOLE’s LCR is the perfect recumbent bike for people looking to stay in shape without the risk of pain. The LCR is top rated because it provides incredible value and is the most functional recumbent bike on the market. Whether you run a physical therapy office or a simple fitness studio, this bike is the perfect addition.
The Sole LCB has 40 levels of resistance and a 14Kg flywheel, making a nice, smooth transition between resistance levels. Oversized cushioned foot pedals coupled with a 2-degree inward slope will provide for an extremely comfortable workout.
The Sole SB700 is one to watch when you’re looking to equip yourself for a home workout. The SB700 spin exercise bike is a commercial quality bike that is made for use in the home as well as the gym. Designed for intense spinning style classes, the Sole SB700 Exercise Bike is great for people who want to take their workouts to the next level. ing bike will make sure you are conditioned for your next race while you have fun doing so!
The SOLE SB900 elevates the workout experience for both the indoor and outdoor cyclist. SOLE combined the needs of both types of users to design a comfortable, affordable cycle providing the ultimate exercise experience in their own home or in a light commercial setting.
Constructed with heavy-duty materials, the frames are durable enough for long-lasting usage. It has a 2.25CHP motor and its offers zero-noise operation.
Looking for a low-impact, total-body workout machine that doesn’t take up too much space? Then our close-packed Sole CC81 Vertical Climber will engage your core and major muscle groups to deliver a full-body workout.
Sole Fitness multi-angle workout bench is a perfect commercial and residential equipment to do various physical exercises. The different workout angles and postures help in obtaining increased muscular strength and power to the body.
A cardio-heavy yet low impact total-body workout can be achieved by using the Sole SR500 Rowing Machine. Highly reliable, durable and quiet rower.
Sole F85-2021 Model is the top-rated folding treadmill that is an upgraded version of the 2020 Model. The 2021 model has an integrated Smart Touch Panel Display console.

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