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Exercise with punching bags improves overall health and fitness. Although it needs much physical exertion, boxing bags are the right piece of equipment that increases strength and stamina effectively. In addition to punching bags, we have many other accessories that help in establishing complete boxing set up and they are “Wall-mount Hanger for Punching Bag, Standing Boxing Ball, Boxing Stand, Heavy Punch Bag Hanger, Hand & Arm Target, and Cotton Hand Wrap”. The sturdy and durable hangers are used to swing the punch bags which are constructed to withstand maximum load capacity without any deformation. Boxing improves aerobic fitness, strengthens core stability & coordination, boosts muscle power & strength, builds strong bones and ligaments, and increases endurance. Anyone can make use of these tools in order to grab a perfect boxing experience!

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The punching bag is made of durable synthetic leather for a long life.
The standing boxing ball is made of durable foam and has a spiral spring for an adjustable height
A three-point wall mounting hanger that is incredibly constructed with sturdy and strong industrial steel for an extended lifetime. The bracket has a D-ring shackle for the firm connection of punch bags.
The Live Pro Punching bag is a commercial high-quality punching bag that can be used for home and gym environment.
The Hand Wrap is used by boxers and MMA exponents to protect their fingers, thumbs, knuckles and wrist when sparing.
The Live Up Hand Target is a durable punching mitt to help boxers and MMA exponents to sharpen their technique.
The Live Up Hand and Foot Target is a durable shield pad to help boxers and MMA exponents to sharpen their technique.
The Live Up Heavy Bag Hanger is designed to function as the mount point for single or double ended heavy boxing bags.
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