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The Significant Role of Rowers in the New Fitness World

by sole fitness 31 May 2021 0 comments
The Significant Role of Rowers in the New Fitness World

Emerging Workout Trend? Undoubtedly the Rowing Machine!

Finding the ingenious low-impact cardio workout option? Then without any further research, it’s definitely the Indoor Rowing Machine. Due to the lack of its real benefits and usage approach amongst the people, it was considered as the least popular training equipment before. But now, Rowers are no more the forgotten piece of gym equipment. You know Why? If you want the reason behind this, then stick to this page till the conclusion. At the end of this writing, every reader would gravitate toward this prominent cardio equipment and can learn the technique and mechanism behind this.

Are you ready? Let's dig deep into this. 

The Name has its own Essence:

What hits your mind when you hear the word Rowing? It’s unquestionably rowing the boat! In that case, ROWING MACHINE is the felicitous recreation of propelling a boat! Why tolerate the cold dawn or hot sun for rowing a boat as here is the perfect option for rowing indoors. 

It would be right to say it a Boom:

There is some must-have cardio equipment in every professional or home gym. They are most likely the Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Elliptical, Exercise Bike. In addition to all these, now the Rowing machine placed its remarkable footprint in this queue. Just observe, and nowadays you could never see a fitness club or gym without the Rower. In recent years, this change has just happened due to its abundance of health and fitness benefits. 

Mechanism Behind Different Rowers:

Hope you have doped out, what is rowing? Next, we are going to see about its type and working principle. In the market, there are many types of rowing machines for sale. Have confusion in picking the right one? Then, at the end of this section, you will get an idea to opt for the right one as per your needs.

  1. Air Rower: The most popular rower that is used worldwide for indoor competitions, and games. The handle is connected to the flywheel by a chain. When you start pulling the handle, the flywheel obtains the spinning motion. Here the resistance is created as the blades of the flywheel push against the surrounding air in the space. This type of rower is typically purchased by the gym and home users because of its size, noise reduction and seat comfort.  
  2. Magnetic Rower: The best zero-noise rower and the big advantage is that you can change the resistance level just like an exercise bike and treadmill according to your fitness needs. Here the magnets are placed next to the flywheel that provides resistance & tension by creating the drag on the spinning flywheel. Moving the magnets closer to the flywheel results in more resistance. The best option for apartments, residential clubs and home gym. Go through our CrossRow Magnetic Rowing Machine CR2.5 that has innumerable features.
  3. Air & Magnetic Rower: The top-notch quality and smart technology make this type of rower a brilliant option for obtaining a pleasant, natural, quieter and smooth workout. In simple words, this is like a magnetic rowing machine integrated with an air resistance system. Row harder for more air resistance. Kindly check out our SOLE SR500 Air & Magnetic Rower, which has variable resistance levels, effective interface, durable and foldable frame, padded seats for comfortable and safe training.
  4. Water Rower: An aesthetic rower that imitates an accurate rowing simulation for friction-less workout experience. It has a pressure tested water tank, where the resistance is created by the water stored in the tank. The multi-bladed impeller design that moves through the water will create resistance. So, the faster you pull, it becomes more intense. We have the best Water Rowers ERG600W & ERG650W that feature various adjustments, programmable modes, contoured seats, adjustable pedals, and so on. Click the link below to know more about our remarkable water rowers.

Health and Fitness Benefits:

A piece of gym equipment that incorporates the triple benefits of Strength, Speed and Conditioning is undoubtedly the Rowing Exercise Machine. The push and pull motion of the rowing exercise incorporated both the upper and lower body simultaneously for a total body workout. The forward and backward movements strengthen the core and build endurance to the legs and thigh muscles. In addition to this, the proper and regular usage of indoor rowers helps in building a strong body and toned physique. The incredible benefits of a home rowing machine are as follows. 

  • Improves flexibility and balance
  • Builds Core Strength
  • Fast Burning of Calories
  • Weight Loss & Toned Muscles
  • Enhance Lung and Heart Function
  • Improved Body Postures
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Prevents Heart Problems

Every stroke engages the upper back, calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, abs, biceps, triceps, obliques, pecs, lats, and deltoids.

Understand and Focus on Technique:

To know the correct technique of rowing an indoor rower, it is very much essential to understand the different stroke phases. They are

  • Posture Position 1: Sit on the padded seat and place the foot on the stirrup. As leg power is the key metric in pushing the feet should be placed perfectly to withstand the tensile force. Grab the handle - sit with straight legs and back - then slightly lean back from the hips - keep the arms straight and the hands should be levelled with lower ribs - Finally swing back. 
  • Posture Position 2: Still the legs should be straight - lean slightly forward from the hips - hands must be ahead of the knees - now slide and lean. 
  • Catch: It is ready to drive phase where the force is produced through the feet. With straight arms, back and bent knees, slightly bend forward and start the stroke. 
  • Drive: This phase is divided into two. In the first step, the athlete's start pushing against the footboard until their legs are straight. In the second step, Engaging the core and keeping the back straight, just pull the rowing gym handle toward the chest.  
  • Finish: Here the stroke is completed with fully extended legs and straight back by pulling the handle to the lower part of the ribs. The cumulative movements of the drive phase include, legs drive, leaned back and finally the arms pull.
  • Recovery: This is exactly the reverse movement of the drive phase. The arms are stretched out straight, the body and legs bend slightly forward until reaching the position as in Catch Phase.

Tips for Safe and Effective Rowing:

Beginner or Experienced? It doesn't matter if you really don't know the consistency in your stroke rate and failed to monitor the stroke sequence that is mentioned as in rowing phases. Here are some tips and suggestions for doing the rowing exercise.  

  • Posture & Position: Should follow the correct form of body postures while rowing. If not then it may result in pain and stress. Hence follow the workout instructions carefully or get the trainer’s help if you have any doubts or hesitation. 
  • Stroke Rate: Rather than speed, stick to the consistency of the strokes that can be calculated by SPM (Stroke Per Minute). Based on the low, medium or high-intensity workout, exercises can gradually increase this rate for effective output. As a beginner start with slower SPM from 16 - 22 and then switch to a faster rate from 23 - 30.
  • Split: Split refers to the distance covered while rowing. Applying more force during the stroke helps the user in achieving long-distance in shorter stroke repetitions.  
  • Rest: Add some sufficient rest between repetitions for rowing faster and to avoid breathing trouble.
  • Rapid Movements: Perform each rep slowly with the full range of motion to completely activate the muscles. There is no advantage in doing rapid or jerky movements. 

Enjoy Rowing! Stay Fit & Fine!

We hope now everyone gets a clear idea of the rowing exercise. Without any further delay, just start your rowing journey and be focused on your daily fitness progress to take the physical training to the next level. The bottom line is, the rowers encompass both low and high impact steady training, so it’s entirely the user’s choice to pick the optimized workout. The incredible collection of our rowing machines has innumerable features. Excited to buy the right one? Let’s check here

Start rowing and lead a healthier life!

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