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Battle Rope With Aluminium Handles
Battle Rope With Aluminium Handles

Battle Rope with Aluminium Handles

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Heavy duty nylon rope Aluminium Grips Rope should be anchored and used on a smooth surface The LivePro Battle Rope with Aluminium Handles IS the heavy duty rope with sealed ends that prevent fraying and are covered by premium aluminium handles for improved grip and durability.
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Benefits of Aluminium Handles:

Prevents the rope from shredding

Knurled Aluminium Handles ensure optimal grip at all times

Better grip allows for better form



Diameter             3.8cm

Length  9m          12m       15m

Weight 13.5kg   17.9kg   22.3kg

Add On   Accessories      Rope Anchor

Rope Mount

3.8 cm diameter rope offers moderate weight for more mature users who have strength developed prior to starting rope conditioning.

5 cm diameter oversized grip offers the toughest workout, to increase strength and promote gains in forearms and wrists

The longer and thicker the rope, the more force you’ll need to use to make the waves. The slack allowed in the rope will also determine intensity. The closer you move to the anchor point, the more resistance you’ll be creating.



Premium Quality

Different Sizes allow for different fitness levels

Capped Ends to prevent fraying

Premium Aluminium Handles for better grip & durability

Excellent Fitness Tool – Great for Power, Strength & Endurance

Increases Aerobic & Anaerobic Capacity

Develop Grip Strength

Easy to clean surface

Ideal for Fitness Centres & Commercial Facility

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