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Anti Burst Gym Ball-75cm
Anti Burst Gym Ball-75cm

Anti-Burst Gym Ball-75cm

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Great for yoga workouts, sit up / abdominal exercises and stretching after a hard cardio or bodybuilding workout routine. This gym ball can be used while wearing exercise gloves and on a mat.
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The gym ball is multi-functional, burst resistant, inflatable ball gym ball that is ideal aid for rehabilitation, training and pregnancy exercises.

You can use the gym ball to improve your stretch, flexibility, define your body, tone, and to increase the strength of your core muscle.

The anti-burst gym ball is designed using anti-burst material so exercises can be carried out safely during pregnancy.

The cushioning surface and shape of the ball help to prevent bad posture or technique during exercises such as sit-ups, leading to a healthier and more effective workout.

Suitable for use as a pregnancy birthing ball or as part of a physiotherapy health program to help you strike various poses and postures to relieve stress and improve your body and mind.

Tired of having a bad back from sitting in that same old office chair? Replace it with one of these for a comfy alternative which promotes good posture and strengthens your core! Its tough portable design means it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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