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ALEXIA Arm Curl MA772
Alexia Arm Curl MA772

ALEXIA Arm Curl MA772

Hydraulic strength equipment does not require weights and depends on 3 elements for resistance highly engineered hydraulic pistons, speed of the user & level of the resistance.

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Alexia Arm Curl MA772

Beginning Pose

Sit on Biceps / Triceps and put your elbow on the pads and grasp the handles with palm facing upward.

Ending Pose

Being your palms towards your face. Pause for 1 sec, then extend your arm back down to starting position.Keep your arms close to the pads on whole movement, and take breath normally.

Activation of Muscle Groups

Biceps brachii and Triceps brachii


Assist in training for muscle strength, health care, and body shaping.

Hydraulic cylinder provides 6 smoothly adjustable resistance levels designed to train opposing muscle groups.

Streamline Shape & Ergonomic Design.

Circuit training applicable

Train muscle group-triceps brachii, pectoralis major, bicep brachii

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