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Agility grid
Agility grid

Agility Grid

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The Live Up Agility Grid Set consists of 6 hexagonal cells that can be used individually to create multiple patters for power and agility training drills.
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The fitness Agility Grid system is preferred by professionals to work on speed, coordination, strength, reaction speed and agility. The attractive design, the commercial quality of the material and the endless combinations of workouts makes the Agility Grids an important part of your training.

Each Agility Grid Set comes with 6 hexagonal rings which that can be used individually to create multiple patterns for power and agility training drills. The durable linking clips allow endless layouts and add dynamism to your training. You will be able to purchase additional sets for a greater variation in your workouts. The flat pack design also ensures that they are easy to store and transport.



Dimension          Hexagonal (Diameter x 49cm)

Hexagonal Rings               6

Colour   Green

Provides the definitive test of agility, power, co-ordination and speed

One set comes with 6 agility hexagonal rings

Durable linking clips allow endless layout configurations

Connect to additional systems for even greater challenges

Impact resistant material for added durability

Flat-Pack design for easy storage and mobility

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