About Us

"Life must be Lived as Play" - Plato

Health through Fitness must and should be Fun and Affordable. This is our mission statement.

Whether you are looking for a reliable treadmill for indoor running, or just a gym ball to perform your ab workouts, you will discover the full range of fitness equipment and accessories on our website and in our showroom.

Are we your PERFECT PARTNER in Fitness?
If you're looking to ditch your gym membership in favor of working out at home or you're looking to start a small gym, you will find a wide array of options of quality treadmill, elliptical and bike. We are the sole distributors for international brands such as SOLE, XTERRA and STEX, many of which are award winners with wide literature online.

You can always conduct a price comparison for most of our products and you will discover we are one of the most competitive worldwide for the brands we carry. On a basis of comparison on specifications, you are unlikely to find equipment at a lower price than at Sole Fitness in Singapore. That is a bold statement and we stand by it. We simply sell Cardio Equipment with almost commercial specifications at affordable prices for residential customers.

Now, we have just widened that selection to include more than 100 products on fitness accessories to complement your cardio training. There are many Combinations of Fitness Equipment and Accessories at greatly discounted prices. We have really become a one-stop center for your Fitness Shopping. Find the gym equipment that satisfies your specific need at a great price.

Do you Trust US because We Definitely Trust You!
Trust is not just one-way; customer expects us to deliver quality products and we trust our customers to be discerning when they choose our products. That's precisely why we don't require deposit when a customer places an order. You have an option to choose payment upon delivery, and you only make a payment when the product is delivered, installed and tested at your premises. There is no worry of lost parcel: defective equipment and hassle. What you see is what you get. Sometimes, life is really not that complicated!

We pride in ourselves in not only offering quality products but also in providing Reliable and Affordable After-Sales Service. As our portfolio of equipment is only of international brands, spare parts are easily and readily available. All services and repairs are done in-house and at reasonable replacement costs even after the warranty period. We value your Investment in your Fitness and Health and it is our Responsibility to protect the Reliability and Integrity of that Investment.