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Super Band
Super Band

Super Band

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Live Pro Super bands come with five color coded progressive levels of resistance.
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Live Pro super bands come with five color coded progressive levels of resistance. can be used as part of an exercise program, or on their own. provides positive and negative resistance to the muscles to target every muscle fiber, to improve strength and range of motion. can be used for strength training, conditioning or rehabilitation. yellow bands provide light resistance. green and blue bands provide medium resistance. red bands provide heavy resistance. black bands provide super heavy resistance.


This bands light weight and low tension is ideal for general core conditioning, rehabilitation, speed training, jumping, stretching, aerobics, yoga, and as assistance for body weight exercises. Widely used as aerobic bands, this band is good for beginners and those looking for light weight resistance.


This is probably the most versatile band we offer as it can be used for a whole spectrum of mid-high level resistance exercises. Widely used as general strength training bands, Pilates, and explosive training bands.


This band is great for workouts without weights. It’s one of our most popular bands to use with pull ups. A great addition for explosive exercises.


This band is often used to lightly assist pull ups. This is a great middle ground band for general strength training.


This band is commonly used for assisted pull-ups. This heavy duty band is great as a power lifting tool and can be used with free weights to offer more resistance. Dramatically increase your power

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