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Soft Plyo Box-3 in 1
Soft Plyo Box-3 in 1

Soft Plyo Box – 3 in 1

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The plyometric box derives its name from “Plyometrics” which refers to an exercise in which muscles exert maximum force with a short period of time.
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The plyometric box has gained increasing popularity in cross fit gyms for developing explosive leg power and strength and dynamic balance. The 3 in 1 soft plyometric box is perfect for any commercial gyms or home for box jumps, step-ups, box squats, and cross fit workouts.


It is constructed from soft but firm foam for a solid foam platform that can support countless hours of workouts. Compact and durable, this box is the tool you need to take your workout to new heights.


Unlike the wooden plyometric box, the soft plyo box is designed to be soft to prevent any injury from heavy landing. The material is a slip-free surface, meaning you can have stability with every single set of jumps.


The 3 in 1 soft plyo box can be rotated to 3 different heights of 50, 60 and 75cm for a wide range of jumping exercises. The soft foam construction also means that the box can be easily moved to your desired location. The soft plyo box does not require any assembly.

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