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Two separated squat racks that have different height adjustments and are made from high quality Iron material.
The Calf Raise Block made of high quality wood aids to prevent injury by stretching your tight calves and improve your core strength, agility, flexibility, mobility, reflexes and stamina.
The AB Mat Pad is an essential abdominal training piece of equipment with an extended pad for additional stability as well as comfort for your lower back and tailbone. The contoured shape of the AB-Mat is designed to fit the lower back for optimal comfort and lumbar support.
The 3-Tier Kettlebell Rack is a commercial-grade storage system recommended for both commercial and home gyms.
The Olympic Flat Bench is the perfect solution for any home gym or commercial fitness facility.
The 20Kg and 30Kg Iron Vests are adjustable vest allowing you to increase or decrease the amount of resistance utilizing 0.9Kg iron slabs that fit snugly inside pockets located on the front and back of the vest.
The Nylon Head Harness is constructed with a heavy-duty abrasion resistant nylon for great strength and durability and also provides wide support for added comfort.
The Combo Nylon Thigh Ankle Strap is designed specifically to target train the hips, thighs and buttocks. It focuses on the gluteal, hip abductor and adductor muscle groups

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