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Urethane dumbbells are a superior alternative to traditional rubberized dumbbells. Made out of high-quality urethane, the dumbbells have single-piece heads with precision machined bores.
The LivePro Rubber Gym Tiles are suitable for both home and commercial gym flooring for uses ranging from free weight workouts.
The LivePro Commercial Gym Tiles provide the ideal gym flooring with their 100% recycled rubber with a reinforced rubber surface for durability and shock absorption.
The livepro studio dumbbells are stylish dumbbells coated with high quality neoprene for greater comfort. The unique triangular shaped dumbbells have ergonomic grips that will not slip even in sweaty hands.
The LivePro Men’s Competition Weightlifting Bar is a premium quality bar engineered for high intensity training & competitions. It is the perfect Olympic bar for all types of training, whether it'd be functional, cross training or weightlifting.
Urethane training plates make for lasting performance and durability in the most demanding of commercial training environments. Each weight is fully encapsulated in impact resistant polyurethane that is odor free and will not crack, fade or peel.
The LivePro Women’s Competition Weightlifting Bar is the perfect bar for women weightlifting, whether it is for home use or for competition. With a shaft grip of 25mm and a tensile strength of 170k PSI the LivePro Bar offers first class performance for squats, bench press and dead lifts.
The Urethane Competition Bumper Plate Discs are the highest quality bumper plates as they are manufactured under the most stringent quality controls.
The live pro core plate is the ideal complement to the Olympic barbell.
The Live Pro Core Plate Complete includes the Core Plate, the T-Bar Row Handle and the Single Handle
The live pro core plate t-bar row handle can be used together with our core plate to create a very versatile piece of exercise equipment.
The Single Row Olympic Bar Attachment makes a great alternative to dumbbells, helping to increase single arm row as you progress through weight.
The LivePro 1.2m Olympic Curl Bar is a premium-quality EZ-Curl Bar for use both at home and gym or health club. The bar offers the perfect combination of spin and stability for your traditional arm exercises such as bicep curls, reverse curls, and triceps extensions.
Engineered and tested to take a beating and are molded using a carefully formulated virgin rubber compound that offers unmatched durability with a low bounce for best performance and safety.
Raise level of your regular training with color high elasticity bumper plate. Amazing design with a great finish.
The Premium Barbell Collars are considerably stronger than the traditional nylon collars.
The LivePro Men’s Elite Weightlifting Bar is the premium Olympic training bar specifically designed for fast and dynamic lifting. The bar is built with heavy duty stell and high quality commercial grade brass bushings and is suitable for home and light commercial use.
The Premium Barbell Collars are considerably stronger than the traditional nylon collars.
The pad relieves the pressure on the shoulders and neck when exercising with the barbell, whether light or heavy weight. The pad is dimensionally stable and can be used for any standard barbell.
The LivePro Hex Trap Bar is perfect for performing deadlifts, shrugs, crosslifting and should be part of every strongman and functional training. It is also designed to be used inside your rack for a raised starting position for deadlifts and shrugs
The Body Dip Belt is the ultimate solution to making dips and pull ups highly effective for muscle building. The dip belt can fit almost all waist sizes using the adjustable chain length.
These gloves are comfortable to wear, easy to get on and off and can prevent blisters and calluses as well as reducing the risk of wrist injury.
The chalk ensures an unmatched level of quality as well as a much longer product life.
Live pro Olympic bars are manufactured using the latest techniques. The bars undergo stringent quality control and testing. A complete range of bars including elite performance bars and lightweight technique bars .Ether precision bearings or bronze bushes are installed for a smooth rotation
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