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7ft Olympic Bar 450Kg
7ft Olympic Bar 450Kg

7ft Olympic Bar 450Kg

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Olympic bars are designed to hold a lot more weight than standard bars. The average standard bar that would be used in a home gym may only carry approximately 50 to 100kg. However, because an Olympic bar is heavier it is often able to hold up 360kg or more without bending.
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7ft Olympic Bar 450Kg

A normal Olympic bar has a 5 cm sleeve that holds the weight in place on one end and usually includes a spring collar to keep the weight in place on the other ends, Olympic barbells also have rotating sleeve on the end so that the plates can spin freely without creating undue stress on your wrist, which is particularly important if you are lifting a lot of weight.

Ideal for those partaking in heavy strength training and bodybuilding. Rotating sleeves allow for ease of movement during use and floor based abdominal or core work whilst the diamond-knurled grips provide optimum gripping action.


  • Durable
  • Made for the Olympics

Brand & ModelLive Up & LS2274
MaterialCarbon steel
Length220cm (86.6”)
Weight20kg (44.1lbs)
Weight Tested900kg (1984.2lbs)
Grip Diameter5.0 cm (2.0”)

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