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47 Supra Curl Bar
47 Supra Curl Bar

47" Supra Curl Bar

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Our Supra curl bar takes advantage of the biomechanical concept of supination, while concurrently curling the bar
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47" Supra curl bar

The 47” Supra Curl Bar features revolving handles that isolate and intensify bicep and forearm development through supination; the outward and inward twist of the wrists. Its specially designed to reduce stress on tendons and joins while targeting upper arm mass, strength, and definition


  • Revolving handles of 360 degrees in a ring
  • Diamond Grip for excellent control

Brand & ModelPX Sports & BC201
Length120cm (47.2”)
Weight13kg (28.7lbs)
Loadable Sleeve Length5 cm (2.0”)

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