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LIVEPRO Tricep Bar
34 Olympic Tricep Bar

LIVEPRO Tricep Bar

The triceps barbell is made of steel with Olympic weight plate support with neutral grips which can be used for training the triceps, biceps and the lower arms.

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LivePro Tricep Bar

The 34” Olympic triceps bar is ideal for those partaking in heavy strength training and bodybuilding. Rotating sleeves allow for ease of movement during use and floor based abdominal or core work whilst the diamond-knurled grips provide optimum gripping action


  • Durable
  • Made for the Olympics
  • Support up to 100kg

Brand & ModelLive Pro & LP8059
Material Steel
Length86.0cm (33.9”)
Weight10.6kg (23.4lbs)
Weight Tested100kg (220.4bs)
Loadable Sleeve Length17 cm (6.7”)
Grip Diameter2.5 cm (0.98”)
KnurlMedium knurling with good grip
Sleeve Rotation 2x Bushings 2x Ball bearings
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