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34" bi-tri-trap bar
34" bi-tri-trap bar

34" Bi-Tri-Trap Bar

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The 34” Bi-Tricep Trap bar revolutionizes the traditional tricep bar with its ergonomic design.
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34 "Bi-Tri-Trap bar

The 34" Bi-Triceps -Trap bar revolutionizes the traditional triceps bar with its ergonomic design. A perfectly balanced bar twinned with the “Split Sleeve” design making it more user friendly. The “Trap/ Upright row” grip really targets the trapeziums from an angle that many thought was not possible using a bar. The inner grips benefit from an end stop to reduce the bar from slipping.


Made with heavy duty steel

High polished chrome finish

0.4 x 3cm rubber ergonomic grips

Revolving handles of 360 degrees in a ring with high quality ball bearings

Diamond grip for excellent control

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