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1.5" Premium Battle Rope

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The Live Pro Premium Battling Rope is a tough and durable polydac training rope, an excellent choice for a versatile indoor-outdoor rope.
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The Premium Battling Rope is made from a special blend of high strength polyester and performance polypropylene fiber with capped ends and has ravel-proof rubber poly boot ends, attached by using both extra adhesive and stitching. It won’t shed like manila rope, thus perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Premium ropes are usually lighter than the manila or double-braided versions, making them a good choice for use by individuals of various fitness levels. They have a high abrasion resistance, won’t stretch and are very strong with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.


Diameter             3.8cm    , 5.0cm

Length  9m          12m       15m       9m          12m       15m

Weight 7.2kg     10kg       12.2kg   12.2kg,  16.2kg   20.2kg

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